Bavarian Automotive

1630 East 2nd Street,
Wichita, KS 67214 US
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8 Reviews

  • Tim Burkhart4 years ago

    I'm as hard to please as they come. This place rocks - and they stay very, very busy. Still, Maurice makes time to answer my questions and offer suggestions - even over the phone. When my car goes in his shop, the job is done right and the price is always fair. You will never find a more customer-oriented business man than Maurice. Hats off!

    1995 BMW 325i Convertible
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  • Nathaniel O7 years ago

    My family has been using Maurice for almost 10 years now starting with my mom 7 series, then my X5, then my sister's 3. There has never been a problem he couldn't solve on any of these vehicles and is simply the best.

    I recently sold my X5 and began shopping for a new car. I got horrible anxiety at the prospect of having to find a new mechanic so I bought another BMW. As long as Maurice is in business I will drive a BMW, because the though of ever dealing with another mechanic makes me sick to the stomach.

    Use him you won't regret.

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  • Rudy C. Villarreal7 years ago

    I just purchased my 20010 BMW 540i, March of 2011 it has 54K on the odometer i washed the car and came home and discovered a plastic piece from the engine splash gaurd that came off the car prior to wash.. called Maurice the next morning and asked if he would put back on.. he said yes come by this afternoon and i will put back on.. no charge.. he also checked out the car and mentioned a couple of other things that would need repaired .. basically checked out the whole car.. i have a appt on 29th of March 2011 for said repairs.. I have just found my babys mechanic..

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  • Sean Martin8 years ago

    As a 3 Bimmer family we spend a lot of time at Bavarian Automotive. Maurice and his staff are true professionals and have provided the best type and quality of service that I have ever had from an automotive shop! Maurice's customer service skills are exceptional and, although the shop is very busy, he always has time for a quick question or a just a hello. I have lived all over the US and can truly say "this shop is among the best in the country" I will truly miss Maurice and the crew when my time to leave Kansas comes!!

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  • Darin K Raaf8 years ago

    I purchased by 1987 635CSi in 2003. Maurice and his gang have been my partners in caring for my shark. On two different ocassions, I have pulled up to the shop thinking someting was wrong and Maurice has come out, listened to the car, determined what was wrong, and either gave me a ballpark estimate or, in one example, went back into the shop, picked up some power steering fluid, opened up the system, filled it, bled it off and then showed me how to take care of it myself.

    Since that time, I have moved several hundred miles away but I still call Maurice for advice. I have been so dissatisfied with other repair shops that I learned how to work on my car myself. I even have called Maurice to walk me through a difficult procedure.

    Maurice and the guys are the best. As long as I own my cirrus blue L6, the only persons who will touch her are me and Maurice.

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  • Josh9 years ago

    Maurice and his techs do excellent work with a great attention to detail. Maurice personally drives each car before they are delivered to the customer and makes great strides to keep cost low. The only negative of their shop is that they are BUSY. Appointments are mandatory, and may take some time for the work to be completed.

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  • Mark L. Carter11 years ago

    I've dealt with Maurice for almost 20 years. He is a true "Master" technician and a true gentleman. Maurice and his staff are always making the maximum effort to solve technical problems while remaining sensitive to my personal needs. If only every business were as attentive to their customers!!! Thanks Maurice!

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  • Mike Walton12 years ago

    I have done business with Maurice for about 5 years and have never been sad. He is a great person to deal with and has gone above and beyond what would normally be expected from a shop. I recomend him to others every opportunity I get.

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